Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lobotomy not required

Lately I have felt as though I have been living in cloud cuckoo land. I am unsure how this state of mind has come into existence. A new sense of optimism is the ostensible cause of this mindset. The cause of the new sense of optimism, however, remains unknown, having obliquely arisen from a previous state of mind that I am only able to identify as 'not optimistic'. Despite the occasional unpleasant circumstance that may arise in the course of a life, I am always able to shift my headspace back into a place where things are good and tolerable and not hopeless. Small small things are able to instill in me an enormous sense of wellbeing. Has this anything to do with getting older, wiser, etc.? Or has it more to do with casting a blind eye on all the worldly matters that normally make one cynical and pessimistic? Perhaps it is just a realization that cynicism and pessimism are mostly pointless activities. This is not to say that my outlook is devoid of either of these things, just that I happen to be carrying around a little less of each for a change.

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