Sunday, December 31, 2006

Nowhere girl*

How negligent I would be if I didn't add one more post to this mostly defunct blog before the year ended. Of course, my mind turns to the new year, and all of the potential that it holds in store. All fresh, all shiny, no mistakes.

My new year's resolution is to move to Park Slope, Brooklyn and accidentally bump into Paul Auster on Seventh Avenue, and then proceed to ask him if he knows of any local shops that sell blank notebooks of a decent quality, as I am new to the neighbourhood, and would like to avoid commuting to Manhattan to procure said item (akin to the manner in which Nathan asks the Beautiful Perfect Mother if she knows of any art supply stores in the neighbourhood in The Brooklyn Follies). Of course, Paul would venture to inquire about my inclination to write, and the conversation would build upon that, necessitating a move to a local coffee shop where the two of us could properly discuss matters pertaining to the topic of interest. I don't think I need to mention that Paul and I would become fast friends.

Aside from resolutions that involve stalking great writers and obtaining citizenship in a foreign country, I have to make an effort at other more tangible things. These things include, in no particular order:
I don't feel that these are unattainable goals. With that said, I will not let complacency damper my enthusiasm on the cusp of a fresh and shiny new year.

* The song of the same name was playing on the radio when I started writing this post, and at that very moment I felt completely like a nowhere girl. As time has a way of flip-flopping our emotions, I am confident that I will no longer feel like a nowhere girl in a very short time.

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