Sunday, April 16, 2006

"A made-in-Canada approach to cleaning up the environment"*

I recently learned that environment minister Rona Ambrose put the kibosh on the speaking engagement (i.e. book launch) of Mark Tushingham on the occasion of the release of his futuristic environmental thriller, Hotter than Hell, the premise of which involves Canada and the U.S. at war over water supply shortages in the not-so-distant future. Since Tushingham is an Environment Canada employee, Ambrose seems to have considered his public explication of the controversial subject matter inappropriate for whatever reason [which most likely has something to do with the slashing of environmental spending in the new Harper government], despite the fact that the book is labelled as a work of science fiction. I thought that the resulting fallout from such a revelation would have interested parties crying censorship, but I haven't heard one more peep on the issue since the story emerged on Thursday, which is somewhat unsettling. Perhaps Harper's renowned gag order M.O. is effectively censoring any protestation of censorship? Whatever the case may be, Rona Ambrose is one scary chick, by which I mean, anyone who feels they are justified in cutting environmental programs by 80 per cent frightens me. No wonder Tushingham went into hiding when the decree was issued.

*see rabble.ca

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