Tuesday, January 17, 2006


The polls tell us that we are about to do as our neighbours to the south have done: that is to say, we are about to vote in the wrong man for the job. I can only conjecture that prospective voters are rejecting their own ideologies in exchange for some hollow and vapid promises made by someone who "always believes he is the smartest person in the room" (Source: The Globe and Mail). What's not so smart is Harper's intent to renege on Canada's involvement in the Kyoto Protocol. Not only is it not smart, it's completely stupid and ignorant. Has he not heard that the ice road in the northern environs of his home province won't freeze properly because of warmer than normal temperatures? After reading Bill McKibben's piece in NYRB, I am convinced that this is not an isolated incident. This is the shape of things to come, and it seems like it's being ignored even more than before. What will it take to push environmental policy-making to the top of political agendas, in Canada and the U.S. both? Probably not even another record-breaking hurricane season.

A last-ditch effort to sidestep the impending doom is being spearheaded by the Think Twice Coalition, which is "a newly formed coalition of social advocacy and citizens' organizations wanting to express their concern about the implications for Canadian social programs and equality rights of a potential Conservative victory in the upcoming federal election".

Follow the 'Spread the Word' and 'Show Your Support' links from the Think Twice homepage.

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