Wednesday, February 02, 2005


One year ago, I lamented to a literary icon that my inherently dual relationship with literature was causing me angst. Of course, the letter was all a put-on, but the motive for its creation was genuine. So, in a year's time, has anything changed?

Well, yes, in a way... What's changed is that the situation has become worse. The gap widens between daily life and literature's place therein, as perception and meaning become thwarted by the banal and the commonplace. Very soon I will be able to squash my desired thinking self between my thumb and forefinger. Take that, you pesky gray matter!

This is all starting to sound very boring and loathsome, so I had better stop now. What I had better do instead is go to bed so I can be all fresh tomorrow in order to make my contribution to society, responsible plebe that I am.

Stasis wins out over flux once more.

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