Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Today begins the International Festival of Authors at Harbourfront in Toronto. As co-incidence would have it (or more accurately, strategic planning), David Mitchell and Alan Hollinghurst are reading together [along with David Bezmozgis and Jakob Ejersbo]. With a little foresight of my own, I have procured tickets for this, the literary hot ticket of the moment, and am quite pleased with myself as a result.

And not to be forgotten, the Vancouver International Readers and Writers Festival is also going on at Granville Island (Oct. 19-24). My fondest memories of this yearly event include having hot soup in the market on a grey and rainy October afternoon, attending readings by Jane Urquhart and Nino Ricci at the Arts Club and Revue Theatre, and finally, sitting across from Robertson Davies, that year's keynote speaker, at YVR, both of us waiting for our flight back to Toronto. Sadly, that was to be Davies last appearance at the Vancouver Festival, as he passed away a couple of months later. The question still remains, did he or didn't he live on Sussex Avenue?

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