Sunday, August 01, 2004


Can reading and writing be done simultaneously, or should one preclude the occurrence of the other? Is there a point at which reading stops and writing begins?

The type of writing to which I refer is not the type presented here, which is usually just an impromptu response to things happened upon during the course of a daily gathering of information: momentous gleanings that fascinate and edify. No, rather, it is the type of writing that elicits just such a response. But even that is not accurate. Eliciting a response is always a good thing, but in my case, it is not the desired outcome. It is the activity, and not the product of the activity, that I actively strive toward, and in order for the activity to become realized, certain other activities need to abate for a time. Reading for one, incessant procuring of information another.

A tall order for someone of my ilk. I predict that I won’t be able to pull it off. But I’ll try. The first day of the month is as good a day as any to return to the path that I left months, perhaps even years ago. I suspect that I was never really on the path, but that becomes a moot point in light of this brand new fresh itinerary that I’ve just devised here, right now. Alas, regular work and regular life will annoyingly get in the way, as they always do, but I shouldn’t let them weary me before I walk out the door and into the cool, starry night.

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