Sunday, August 08, 2004


All is not lost while blankly staring at a wall. Indeed, it is my duty as a Cartesian dualist to sit still, or even better, lie still, and do nothing, according to this engaging extract from Tom Hodgkinson's How To Be Idle. Add the element of thought to the equation and you're as good as any philosopher. [NB: Tom Hodgkinson is also the editor of The Idler, a presumably delightful magazine which I'm quite sure is not available in my neck of the woods]

Speaking of dualities, why is it that I am thrilled on the one hand to have learned of another fantastic book that I must own, while on the other I am frustrated and at a loss for 1)physical space to store said book, and 2) actual time to read said book. And then there's the whole matter of me saying that I'm going to read less and write more. Maybe I should just put a moratorium on reading and writing both and instead watch TV all the time.

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