Saturday, July 17, 2004


If you're in need of a good laugh, check out the opinion pieces over at BushCountry.org [link first seen at boing boing's guestblog]. My two favourites are entitled: Kerry: Homosexuality Not A Sin. God: It Is; and then there's the absurd Gay Marriage And Terrorist [the latter is worth reading if only to marvel, then snicker, at the author's complete lexical ineptitude and disregard for grammar]. If you don't feel like reading the whole vacuous argument, here is the best part:

Now, worst of all, we are granting them equal parity in the law with heterosexual couples. If that is not giving the green light to sin, then neither is Madonna dancing around in the near nude provocative.

That's throwing the word 'sin' about lightly, isn't it? I would call ignoring environmental decline and being in denial about 'climate change' a great deal more sinful [I won't even get into all of the other much more obvious type of sinning the U.S. government is currently committing at home and abroad]. I suppose that the Christian right neocons aren't affected by the environment, living in their plastic bubble and all. Let's see how their tune will change when their amber waves of grain give way to stark and fruitless deserts with Siberian temperatures. That's what will happen when the polar ice caps melt and thereby fuck up the Gulf Stream, leading to widespread shortage of food, penultimately to war, and ultimately to our slow and painful demise as a species. So go on shunning environmental policy, you fuck-ups in Washington, if it's a dead planet you're striving to rule.

Bill McKibben is the voice of reason on the whole convoluted matter; he has many important and frightening things to say, a few of which I've listed here: Crossing the Red Line [NYRB]; Worried? Us? [Granta 83: This Overheating World]; Bill McKibben on Staying Human [AlterNet interview].

It's interesting to note that BushCountry.org doesn't feature any articles on the environment. All that I could find was one silly rant against recycling. Yes, against. And they sure have nerve slapping a dot org suffix to their URL, when it should clearly be a dot com, what with all the crap they're selling.

I could continue with a rant about the evils of nucular [sic] proliferation, but that can wait till another time.

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