Sunday, June 13, 2004


Stephen Spender's biographer: "Snark bounces off of me, right back onto you!" [link first seen at A&L daily]

Even sickly miserablists have a shot at literary greatness: This brings the number of biographical works on Kafka up to eighty-two [statistic based on UTL catalogue search using "biography" and "Kafka" as subject headings].

Just in time for Bloomsday: a new biography of James Joyce, which, when combined with the 1000+ pages of Ulysses, results in 1200 or so pages that will remain unread during my lifetime. However, reading one page every day may be more my speed.

A right swindler the Great Brain was... but all swindling aside, his many schemes and adventures kept me captivated as a serial fan of the series. In fact, I think my formative years were heavily influenced by the whole Great Brain ethos [can any Great Brain aficionado honestly say they didn't wish they were as cunning and crafty as John D. Fitzgerald's über-child?] On the whole, my appreciation of these books is not as profound as that of the family who decided to go on a Great Brain camping pilgimage in Utah [link first seen at boing boing].

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