Friday, May 07, 2004


The end of nine straight days of work can mean only one thing [surprisingly, it's not the alcohol that manages to dumb me down, it's the work: hence, the lack of posts].

Not sure why, but this little Vonnegutian gem popped into my head despite it being as old as the hills. So funny.

Again, not sure why [see what I mean about dumbing down], but I have a hankering to read something good and incomprehensible... something heavy, physically and otherwise. At first I was leaning toward trying Mann's Doktor Faustus again, but then decided that this would be the more likely candidate. Now all I have to do is get me down to Robarts Library. Hopefully, it will fix some of the mental damage incurred during the last couple of weeks. Alas, my plan to read Ulysses before Bloomsday now seems like an impossible task...

And here I thought that former Librarian of Congress Archibald MacLeish was a character in an Alasdair Gray book [via wood s lot]. What's even more absurd is that I thought his nickname was Jock.

I wonder if this can be translated into CB slang?

For anyone with an interest in applying for tickets to attend the 2006 COC performance of The Ring Cycle can find the application here. You need to bring a résumé outlining your Wagnerian opera experience to the interview. There is also a written exam component on which you must score at least seventy percent to be considered as a potential candidate.

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