Saturday, May 15, 2004


The Literary Saloon observes that The Guardian Review is the last remaining source of solid literary coverage, and I have to agree. Especially after the quickest perusal ever of this week's NYT Sunday Book Review, whose coverage is at once paltry and lacklustre [and seems to becoming more so as each week passes]. Reading it used to be one of my favourite Saturday morning activities. Might as well remove that link from my sidebar. Well, maybe not quite yet. I'll give it one more chance to redeem itself. Maybe even two.

Everything, including the kitchen sink, plus doughnuts: more Vonnegut, who is living proof of the adage, with age comes wisdom. He knows he's old, he knows he's wise, but it is evident that he wants to be neither, completely vexed that he must witness all the madness in his twilight years when he'd much rather be laughing at all the hijinks from wherever it is that one goes after one expires.

Speaking of death, the William H. Gass review of Stanley Elkin's The Living End in the May issue of Harper's has inspired me to search for a few relevant Gass and Elkin links on the interweb:

Gass: Centre for Book Culture; The Scriptorium at The Modern Word; NYRB

Elkin: Centre for Book Culture; Reading Stanley Elkin by Rick Moody.

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