Thursday, April 15, 2004


With regard to all this talk of a literary divide, Thomas Frank's essay in the April issue of Harper's sheds some light on the topic [or perhaps it's the geo-political map of the US that he refers to that sheds the light]: blue-staters [Democrats], it would seem, read literature, while red-staters [Republicans] don't. What do red-staters read, if anything? According to The New Republic, it's pulp. While TNR fully admits that pulp has no literary warrant, it does have cultural warrant. But not enough cultural warrant to warrant having this new feature [appropriately called Pulps] run in the hard copy of the magazine. Anthropologically, this lack of physicality might pose a problem down the line, but perhaps I'm missing the point. Perhaps it's just an amusing little online-only feature for the plebes that don't want to shell out the coin required for access to full online content.

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