Thursday, March 18, 2004


A great deal of amusement has been [unintentionally] afforded by the impressive Iraq on the Record database that California representative Henry A. Waxman has compiled, which revolves around lies and the lying liars that tell them: the usual suspects are Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, and Condy Rice.This is a veritable greatest hits collection of all sorts of examples of double talk and lies that have been spewed forth regarding Iraq, Saddam, WMDs, imminent threats, ties to Al Qaeda, etc... there are 237 quotes in all, a drop in the bucket when considering the immeasurable instances of spinformation that have been heard since the "war" began one year ago, and of course, long before that as well.

Speaking of double talk, there is a choice piece of footage of Rummy over at MoveOn.org, wherein he is caught in his own web of deception, denying that he ever uttered that Iraq posed an imminent threat to the US, and then being presented with two quotes that provide evidence to the contrary. First time I've ever seen Rummy at a loss for words. Hope it doesn't affect his future output of profundity.

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