Sunday, March 07, 2004


Neil's Saturday radio concert came and went, and brought with it a memory of his concert on a cold, rainy February night, one year or so ago, at the Phoenix. This is because it was a broadcast of the very same concert. Neil, at his most personable and charismatic best, also commented on his previous visit to Toronto, which he claims was the hottest he's ever been while performing. Having also been there, I can attest to that claim... no fresh breeze came off the lake that night... But the most memorable performance that Neil has given in Toronto found him on an outdoor stage at Harbourfront: the breeze coming off the lake that night just added to the overall ambience and magic of the evening. The great thing about Neil is that he loves Toronto, so we, by which I mean all of his adoring fans, know that he'll be back on his next tour, which is likely to be soon, as he and brother Tim are releasing an album this year. To see the two of them perform together is a truly astonishing thing, as they are in remarkable sync with one another, effortlessly moving from one instrument to the next, often exchanging them between songs... no surprise, really, as they have been playing music together since they were boys in Te Awamutu, in the pre-Enz days... I guess I shouldn't even get started on the incomparable phenom known as Split Enz, as I could gush on for much longer...

Until we get our next fix of all things Finn, have some interactive fun over at nilfun.com

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