Tuesday, February 03, 2004


Dear Dave,

If loquacity is a virtue, then you must be an angel! In light of all this verbal fortitude, I thought you might be able to share some helpful hints on how best to tackle your magnus opus. It's not so much that your tome is a voluminous feat of prose, but rather, that I have to put the book down every few minutes and let the gravity of what I've just read register. Sink in. Resonate. Or is it better to just forge ahead and let the full impact wash over me once I've finished? Then there is the problem of arcane references that only you and perhaps one of the other Daves understands. Am I to pretend that I get it and laugh knowingly to myself despite being completely ignorant? I'm sure that you would agree that this is not very suitable behaviour for a reasonably intelligent individual... perhaps even akin to the exposing of one's breast in the world of primetime entertainment. But I digress...

As an aside, do you feel outdone by the Vollmann treatise on violence? I hope that it hasn't caused a rift between you and Dave. I'm thinking he should have held out for your next labour of lexical love.

Will be anxiously awaiting your sage advice.

Until then I remain,
Firmly Ambivalent

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