Monday, February 23, 2004


'Be prepared to show identification and manifest' --sign at U.S. Customs & Immigration in B.C.

Should there be an 'o' at the end of 'manifest'? And is the word intended to be a verb or a noun? If the former, exactly how would I go about manifesting through customs? Would it involve a certain self-assured charging through? I can't see myself doing it, although maybe I did and don't even know it, since we're already through and absolutely racing to Bellingham.

Anyway, if it's intended as a noun (manifest, that is), what would I have to show to customs officials? It's difficult enough having an idea of a purpose in one's life without having to present some sort of physical item that illustrates just what that purpose might be. Alas, I have forgotten to bring a manifesto with me on this trip. There wasn't any room left in my backpack to fit one.

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