Sunday, February 15, 2004


The wordburst of the moment is 'credibility gap'. A quick search on the Google News search engine returns 141 hits [which is up from the 137 hits that were returned just a few hours ago... I suspect that the number of hits will only increase as the Democrats wind up the mudslinging machine]. It would seem that George W. Bush is traversing a tight rope over a chasm that is both deep and convoluted. On one side is the pre-Iraq war claim that Saddam atop his tall pile of WMDs was an imminent threat to the US. On the other side is the post-Iraq war reality in which any evidence of WMDs has failed to materialize.

The real credibility gap, in my mind, is this: the fact that the US has upwards of 70,000 nuclear weapons [read: WMDs], enough to obliterate the planet many times over [ironically, it can only be done once], many of which are on constant hair-trigger alert: we ALL KNOW THIS... it is NOT a secret, and yet NO ONE EVER MENTIONS IT [well, almost no one]. This is in sharp contrast to the manner in which Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld and the rest of the feel-good gang over at the Defense Policy Board lie and scheme and make claims that it's everyone else that poses a threat, what with their stashes of castor beans and rusty artillery. That missile defense shield is going to get rusty too if that's all that the countries on the axis of evil can muster.

Disarmament is a word that needs to be re-introduced into the vocabulary. I haven't heard anyone use this word in years. But there is one individual: Helen Caldicott says it's three minutes to midnight, which means that we still live in a world "on the brink of nuclear disaster". Her voice is so loud, yet nobody is listening to her. The din of power, corruption, and lies seem to be drowning her out.

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